Because of the larger scale, this version of the game was played on an easel with a cover, and a roller.

They then hide the story, and the game goes on like this, with the original message melting into oblivion over time. Normally this is done on a sheet of paper, and the paper is folded over itself.

The next person writes a short (paragraph at most) story about the picture. The third person draws a picture based upon the story, with no knowledge of the prior picture.

This allowed for a lot more players before stopping the game! We've played this game in a small setting a few times, but usually people are on the same wavelength or have a few inside jokes that get worked in.

I was eager to see how it would work out in a larger pool of people over a longer time period. Because whenever we play it we end up apologizing profusely for our drawings or our interpretations of others' drawings.

The name sort of stuck, There is a different name for it as well, but it escapes me right now.