This poker bonuses for 2017 page is for players looking to find the most profitable rooms to play at by working out just how good their bonus offers really are -- big bonuses aren't always the best.

The bonusback column shows how much of your rake you receive back to your account Poker bonuses are never totally free.

You always end up paying more through rake to redeem the bonuses than you actually get back. However, some bonuses are more than others when it comes to their redeem requirements.

The bonusback % is the amount of the rake you have paid that you get back through bonus money.

Therefore, the higher the "bonusback" percentage, the better the bonus is for your bankroll.

Bonusback is what I call the percentage of rake you save through bonus money.

I guess you could call it "rebate", but it's not cutting-edge and unique like "bonusback".