It shows Esterly giving a performance at the Go Bananas comedy club in Cincinnati, Ohio, on 14 October.

According to the club's Facebook page, Esterly performed after attending a stand-up comedy 101 class at Sycamore Senior Center.

The centre wrote on its page: "Students learned how to make their own stories hilarious, write and deliver jokes, timing and delivery, how to charm an audience and how different shows are structured.

At the end of the class, students performed their routine at Pro-Am Night Go Bananas Comedy Club.

Chuck was the head of the class." A spokesperson for the Sycamore Senior centre said the centre was "so excited" that the performance had gone viral.

They said: "This was the first time we offered the class.

When we first approached the comedy club they were reluctant, but then they sent us two great instructors." They told us that Cam O'Connor and Mark Califoux taught the students how to use their own stories to write and deliver jokes: "They learned timing, delivery, how to charm an audience and how different shows are structured." Chuck, they told us, was head of the class. He writes: "If I have become an 'internet stupidstar'.... I'm not sure I should thank you - or stop speaking to you."I don't think about it too much, and so far no one has asked me for an autograph! so it was up to me to make a fool of myself."We also asked him about his background.