Choosing the right games is one of the most (if not the most) important actions for winning poker players.

Even if you’re an above-average poker player, you will lose in the long run by choosing to play with the people who are better than you.

Most players spend little time analyzing all the possible games they could join – there’s always this weird hurry to play after logging-in.

By spending just a few minutes browsing through all the opportunities, you can potentially double your winrate (yes, the difference between the best and the worst game is significant).

To give you the best possible starting point for game selection, we’ve gathered together a list of the easiest poker sites in the world.

These sites attract lots of fish relative to sharks and therefore make it easier to find profitable games.

Perhaps the biggest mistake beginners make when selecting a poker site is focusing on details like how much rakeback a site offers (which, by itself, is useless anyway since you need to know how much rake you’re paying overall, not how big of a percentage the site agrees to give back).