If no title stands out, subscribers can opt to skip that month and have their membership automatically extend an extra month.

The hardcover book is then shipped to doorsteps or tree-hollow reading nooks for free.

To account for individual reading preferences, the club curates five books each month, and members choose the one that interests them.

3-month subscription will automatically renew at conclusion of 3-month subscription unless canceled with merchant. With a Book of the Month subscription, members choose a new hardcover book each month from a lineup of five new titles, carefully selected by well-known booklovers such as Ellie Kemper, Craig Ferguson, and David Sedaris, along with writers and editors from O Magazine, The Atlantic, Esquire, and more.

Instead, you could enter a book nerd’s paradise and get a Book of the Month subscription.

The bestseller list isn’t always great, friend recommendations can be spotty, and browsing bookstores can soak up a lot of time.

At less than $7 per book, it's the perfect way indulge (or rekindle) your passion for reading.